Your Autumn Garden - what to do in the garden...

October 31st 2013
By: Melanie Hollidge
Your Autumn Garden - what to do in the garden...

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the definition of autumn is when “the countryside is ablaze with colour”.

A quick look out of the window on a sunny day will confirm how beautiful nature can be.   But a blast of hurricane force winds, and we’re faced with the colourful leaves on the ground!

Now the clocks have changed, it’s time to welcome autumn and all it brings, with mad weather from blustery gusts and 80mph winds, to sunshine and showers, all in the same week. 

Putting your garden to bed for the winter is a time to take stock of the plants and flowers, take care of garden furniture and ornaments, and make a wish list for Christmas. 
Feed your compost bin with fallen leaves, food peelings and grass cuttings – layer them and turn it all weekly with a fork to get air into the mixture, and you’ll have genuinely organic rich compost to mix into the soil in the spring. 

Weed your borders and trim the edges of your lawns.  If you don’t need all the seed heads, leave some for the birds for the winter!

Make sure your pots and containers have enough water, plants that keep their leaves all year need regular water and mustn’t dry out. 

Vegetable plots need digging over to break the soil down, especially if your garden has clay based soil.  Pot your herbs for the winter – especially parsley, chives and mint.  They’ll do well on a sunny windowsill until the spring and will keep your kitchen smelling fragrant.