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August 23rd 2017
Help to buy has helped over 100,000 buy their first home
Recent statistics have shown that property prices have increased by 181% since the turn of this century, wages on the other hand have not kept pace with property inflation, and as a consequence new research has shown that first time buyers who are able to buy a property has fallen by 27%.
August 21st 2017
Demand for rental property remains strong in Surrey and SW London
Demand for private rental properties remains strong around the UK including Surrey and South West London, however despite this some landlords are looking to sell at least one of their properties due to the phasing out of mortgage interest relief.
August 21st 2017
Property: understanding Millennials
If you are in the property business it’s important to understand the ‘Millennials’ - those people born between 1982 and around 1994 – the term comes from research of that time line by Neil Howe and William Strauss.
August 16th 2017
Help to Buy: Looking to buy a first home?
If you are looking to move home as your primary residence with no other property owned or get onto the property ladder you will probably already be aware of the Government’s Help To Buy scheme, which was introduced to enable home-movers and first time buyers to get onto the property market.
July 31st 2017
Work experience at our Cheam Village branch
Rosie took out a week from her sixth-form studies at Ewell Castle School to gain work experience at our Cheam Village bra...
July 28th 2017
Staging your bedroom for a sale…
When selling a property it’s important to consider the aspiration of your prospective buyer, if they can imagine themselves living in your property then you will be half way there to achieving a sale.
July 26th 2017
The perfect property for a stay vacation
If you have decided to stay at home this year you will not be alone as many Brit's plan to either holiday in the UK or plan to ...
July 24th 2017
‘The Week the landlords moved in’
The new BBC documentary series 'The week the landlords moved in' covers a variety of private landlords who experience living in their own rental accommodation for two weeks, whilst their tenants move out and live elsewhere.
July 17th 2017
Morden Family Funday 2017
The staff from our Morden branch had an amazing day on Sunday 16th July at the annual Morden Family Funday which Goodfellows have supported since its inception.
July 13th 2017
Good communication is key to the private landlord
The BTL, Buy to Let industry has become much more regulated in the past couple of years which is not a bad thing because according to research1 19% of all property is rented out by private landlords, which equates to 4.3 million people living in private accommodation and tenants need to feel as though they have protection.
July 11th 2017
Number 1 seed for the professional BTL Landlord
Wimbledon draws to an end this weekend, and what an exciting year it’s been so far, no one could have predicted both Murray and Djokovic not making it through to the finals, which highlights the importance of keeping on top of their game. This also applies to a professional BTL (Buy to Let) landlord, who to make a success of their business needs to get into the same mindset as a professional tennis player.
July 5th 2017
Buying a new home? Here’s our essential guide to getting it right…
Buying a home is said to be one of the most stressful things we will ever do, so getting it right is essential to saving time and money, so here is our guide to making sure you get it right.